“When seconds count, the police are only minutes away.” This sums up why the right to keep and bear arms for defense is so critical.

An Absolute Right?

While no right is absolute, there are always some exceptions, even free speech is limited. Bearing arms is largely unfettered. Unless forfeited by criminal conduct, the right exists.

Open Vs Concealed Carry

Both are constitutionally protected but I much prefer concealed carry for citizens. Open carry prematurely alerts would-be attackers and alarms people who are not comfortable around armed people.

Gun Free Zones

Unsecured gun free zones fail in their objective. Places that need to be gun free must have secure perimeters and armed security to screen all entrants. Otherwise, honor the right to carry.

Life As A Cop

As a cop I saw first hand how fast violence explodes. When it does, the police will bravely respond, but far too often, it is over when they arrive. Being armed and prepared can save lives.
Police Officer Art Washut 1987

Increasing The Age To Buy Long Guns

I oppose raising the age to buy a long gun from 18 to 21 years. How do we send an 18 year old off to war and when he returns tell him that he can’t buy a rifle or a shotgun?

I hit the balloon!

Guns And Schools

I am not in favor of arming teachers, what I stand for is not disarming teachers. Teachers should not lose their right to self-defense as a condition of their employment.