I have been working in or teaching about the Criminal Justice system my entire adult life. Our system is in need of some changes.

Alcohol Abuse

We have many years of data on the impact of alcohol use on law enforcement and jails. It is not that we drink, but how we drink. Our drinking culture must change.

Race And Class

If you were charged with a serious crime, would you rather be a rich person of color or a poor white man? I suspect most would choose to be the rich person. Regardless of your race, wealth helps.

Substance Abuse

Addicts costs society and every addict began with a first drink, a first joint or first fix. No one starts out planning on becoming addicted. We need to focus more on prevention.


Conservatives should embrace thoughtful criminal justice reform. The state budget includes millions of dollars for the CJ system. Reforming the system can save money without sacrificing safety.

We Ask Too Much

The criminal justice system is society’s last line of defense. It cannot be used as a primary socialization tool. We have dumped far too many issues into the CJ system basket.